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An Ecumenical Catholic Ordinariate
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Good Shepherd Companions, (GSC), are inspired by the Spirit of Jesus as were His  companions along the road to Emmaus. Our hearts burn within us.  We believe in the Divine Presence active in men and women around the globe.  We envision a new invigorating movement of conscious care for the earth and all its creatures.  We are on a journey as companions building bridges of faith hope and love.  Will you join us  for a little while to journey together?

Donations to Good Shepherd Companions are Tax Deductible.  We are a 501c3 organization as designated by the IRS.

GSC started in Flushing, New York as an outreach to the marginalized of society.  Since then,  it has grown into an international network of caring.

Specific Aims of GSC:

  1. to embrace new models of spiritual interaction and service, utilizing the spiritual gifts of both men and women, and supporting the priesthood of men, women and married priests;
  2. to collaborate with ecumenical groups and institutions to break down hostilities among religious believers and to respect other cultures;
  3. to strengthen family life through wholesome activities, and opportunities, respecting moral choices of married couples, and supporting  the divorced and remarried;
  4. to participate in educational efforts which recognize the intrinsic relationship between religion and science, and to protect the earth from abuse and ignorance;
  5. to cultivate attitudes of equality, peace and justice by encouraging cultural systems to move away from war, poverty and abuse, (most often victimizing women and children,)  to a sustainable egalitarian  system.
  6. to encourage a review of the penal system in the USA.

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The Good Shepherd - Catacomb of Priscilla

    An Ecumenical Catholic Ordinariate
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    We are a Catholic communion of international and local Church communities and ministries. We are committed to foundational Catholic teachings and beliefs and to moving forward with the work begun by the Spirit at Vatican II toward being an inclusive and just Church.

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